maggie (run_fall_getup) wrote in iconsforyou,

Customizing Layouts, anyone?

Ok kids.. I love my new layout. I personally think that it is P.I.M.P. :) Anywho, I would like to customize layouts like this to your pleasure. As you will see in the preview below, there are two pictures at the top and the livejournal username at the top. I will customize only the pictures at the top, the text at the top (where mine says run_fall_getup), and the comments links. I will be taking 7 requests.

Image hosted by
or you could see it at my journal, run_fall_getup

I don't want these to be terribly complex.. just the same style layout.. please no different colors, and if they are, make them SIMPLE. Okay? Fabulous! :)

Ok. So fill out this form if you want one

2 pictures (provide urls, obviously):
text at top(default is your username):
comments link text:
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