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Hi people, no I have not died, and no I have no I cannot fulfill those layout requests. I am really really sorry just that I couldn't do it in those days and days turned into weeks and weeks turned into.. well, you get the picture. Also. My fucking photobucket bandwidth became exceeded so I had to delete a ton of pictures. Ok, mother fuckers. DO NOT HOTLINK! How many times to I have to say it?! Get your own mother fucking photobucket account. I hate to come across as being wicked bitchy (which I am, and I'm sorry) but honestly! How hard is it! I hate it when people use my photobucket account to host things becuase then I have to delete icons which means less people can use them and I want to help as many people as possible. Someone commented on a previous entry that their layout pictures went poof. Well, that problem wouldn't have been there in the first if a hundred people hadn't been hotlinking me.

Sorry about that rant, I just get annoyed at people.


Crediting. It is a very very nice gesture and is also REQUIRED. I'm not THAT bad about it that I'll ban you from the community if you don't credit me.. but seriously. CREDITING IS NOT THAT HARD. See the keywords thing? That is for CREDITING people. Put ICONSFORYOU in that place. Somewhere in that place. Anywhere. Or you could even credit me on your userinfo. That's cool too. I don't care. Just don't credit me in some random friends only entry that like 2 people will see. Alright? Alright.


p.s.: more icons will be coming soon.. I'm working on a batch of l word, conor oberst, and general fun things. ook!
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